Chair Caning

I only work on the chairs with hand woven seats.  Modern chairs use machine woven cane pressed into a groove.  Hand woven seats weave the cane through holes in the wood around the edge of the seat. 

If you have a hand woven chair and can get it to Ada, Oklahoma, I can fix it.  Also, if you looked at the about us page you know that I drive back and forth between Oklahoma and Florida.  The route I take goes through Shreveport LA, Jackson MS, Hattiesburg MS,  Mobile AL, Tallahassee FL, down to St Petersburg FL.    If you live along this route I can pick up the chair on one trip and  return it on the next trip.


What's it cost?

I charge $1.25 per hole for caning.  Count the holes in the wood around the edge of the seat and multiply by $1.25.  Most chairs have between 60 and 80 holes so will cost $75.00 to $100.00 for a new seat. 

Most old chairs need the joints reglued.  If the joints are loose I may need to take the chair completely apart and reglue all the joints.  I've found that if one or two joints are loose all the others will quickly become loose with use if they are not reglued.  Regluing the joints for most chairs costs around $40.00.

Your chair may need refinishing.  I encourage you to try the save the old finish.  Keeping the old finish will save you money and keeps the chair more authentic.  If the old finish is beyond saving, I will completely disassemble the chair, remove the old finish by hand (no dipping) and refinish.  For the new finish I use an oil primer and then a traditional oil based brushing varnish.  I then hand rub the varnish smooth and apply a paste wax.  Refinishing a chair is time consuming and can be costly.  I'd need to see the chair for an exact price but roughly estimate $100.00 for a refinish job.

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